Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Was Thrown a Crumb When Alcohol Entered the Picture

Louis Cannizzaro, artist, poet, author, longtime friend from the Limelight days in New York, and wowlebrity to boot tells us that he recently went to the Hammer Museum here in LA to see all the original drawings and source materials from artist R Crumb's new, very detailed book The Illustrated Book of Genesis. "I asked the guy in the book store if he had any signed prints," sez Lou. "He told me that Crumb refuses to sign anything ever because he believes 'his fans are the scum of the earth.' Which got me thinking about one night at Limelight when I elevated myself above the scum.

Me: Mr. Crumb, I’m a huge fan. Could I have an autograph, please?

Crumb: Sorry. I don’t sign things.

Me: Oh, in that case I don’t do drink tickets.

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